Benny Weinbeck

I'm currently working on my next digital release of original music, hopefully by the end of summer it should be done.

I'm also working on a release of Jane Thomas Noland's songs and poetry, celebrating her life.

In the studio with Jimmy Anton, working on a project with him.

Still doing lots of video work, currently working on one for E Johannes Soltermann, and a few others.

Check back soon for more updates.


2015-11-08 07:21:34 - Mark Stifter
Hi Benny! Are you playing in the Minneapolis area on Friday, 11/20? We're visiting the area on that weekend, and looking to listen to some great music on Friday. Let me know. Thanks!
2015-05-15 18:45:26 - Larry Ristow
sounds great -- looking forward for more original music.... I am bringing my grand daughter to parma Saturday nite... hope to see you then.. Larry Ristow
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